Flood Operations Report


Last Update:

Current Lake Levels at Dams and Gate Operations

*Disclaimer: Data is automatically retrieved and subject to revision.


Head Elevation
(Above Dam)
Tail Elevation (Below Dam) Gate Operations/Spillway


Lake Levels Over the Last:

*Disclaimer: Data is automatically retrieved and subject to revision.

Lake Bastrop at Sim Gideon Power Plant

Dam -- Lake Level (feet msl)

Dam -- Discharge (cubic feet per second)

Real-time discharge from Lake Bastrop Dam is not available.


Floodgate Operations and Forecasts

Last Update:
Gate Operations:
Lake level forecast:

Lady Bird Lake near Longhorn Dam

LCRA does not own or operate Lady Bird Lake and Longhorn Dam. Lake levels are shown for information, but forecasts are not available.

River Levels - Current Conditions

Action Stage Flood Stage
NWS Forecast

River Levels - Forecast Conditions

River forecasts are provided by the National Weather Service River Forecast Center. Click on the "Forecast" link to view the forecast and other useful information for each location.
*Disclaimer: Data is automatically retrieved and subject to revision.
Action Stage Flood Stage

NWS Action

Stage (feet)

Stage (feet)

NWS Flood

Flow (cfs)

Flow (cfs)


LCRA Hydromet Real Time Data

LCRA Weather Summary

How LCRA's System of Dams Works

Key elevations for Lake Travis during floods

Management of Lake Buchanan during floods

Emergency Information for City of Austin (includes boating restrictions)

Road Closures in Austin and Surrounding Areas (hosted by City of Austin)

Highway Conditions - Current

USGS Real-time Streamflow for Texas

USGS Real-time Lakes and Reservoirs for Texas

NWS 5-day Rain Forecasts

NWS West Gulf River Forecast Center

NWS San Angelo Weather Office and Flood Forecasts Map

NWS Austin/San Antonio Weather Office and Flood Forecasts Map

NWS Houston/Galveston Weather Office and Flood Forecasts Map

NWS Doppler Radars

NWS Storm Prediction Center (Tornadoes and severe storms)

NWS National Hurricane Center (Hurricanes and tropical storms)

Words and Definitions

Action Stage: The stage at which some sort of action is taken for a point along the river. Action Stage is different for all points depending on the community's needs - it may be flooding of secondary roads or just a "heads up" that the river is rising. Action Stage is determined by the National Weather Service. Sometimes used interchangeably with Bank Full Stage.

Bank Full Stage: The stage at which a river will not overflow its river banks or cause any significant damage within the river reach. Bank Full Stage is determined by the National Weather Service. Sometimes used interchangeably with action stage.

Cubic Feet per Second (cfs): A measure of streamflow. One CFS is equal to about 450 gallons per minute.

Elevation: The height of water in a lake or reservoir above mean sea level.

Flash Flood: A flood which follows within a few hours of heavy or excessive rainfall.

Flash Flood Warning: Flash flooding has been reported or is imminent – take necessary precautions.

Flash Flood Watch: Flash flooding is possible within the designated watch area – be alert.

Floodgates: Solid gates that are opened as needed to release floodwaters.

Flood Stage: The stage at which roads or buildings begin to get affected. Flood Stage is determined by the National Weather Service.

Hydrogeneration: Using water that is passed through a dam to generate electrical power with a turbine.

Mean Sea Level (msl): The elevation of the ocean halfway between high and low tide. Elevations are measured in feet above mean sea level as a point of reference.

Operating Range: The elevations between which the lakes are operated during normal conditions. Lake levels can fluctuate outside of these ranges at times.

Pass-Through Lakes: Lakes designed to allow water to pass through as opposed to being stored. Pass-through lakes do not have a constant level. Lakes Inks, LBJ, Marble Falls and Austin are "pass-through" lakes.

Spillway: The area of a dam that is designed to allow water to flow freely over it.

Stage: The height of water flowing in a river above a nearby reference point, for example, the height of the water above the river bed.

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